SK Herbalist

Trusted Tested True

Thank you for taking the time to choose SK Herbalist. We have been a part of this amazing community for over 5 years. We have seen it grow and change from a very small amount of people to where it is today. The changes we have seen it make in peoples lives is why we do this and the reason we are so adamant about doing it safely. We have, with the help of the community, been able to transform our business from a small part time home business to where we are today with 8 employees at SK and over 25 in total with the store front, spa and packaging facility.

Safety is our number one concern. We have spent countless hours, days and weeks learning about how to correctly package an herbal supplement.  We have a third party GMP consultant on hand that has been helping us with this process and can say we are very close to being 3rd party GMP certified. 

 We have came a long way in the last few years and thank the community for their support. We would not be where we are today without you!